Sunday, September 26, 2010


This is my first post and I would like to welcome everyone.

The reason why I named this Bismuth Castle is because I want this to cover many colored topics, like bismuth and castles are huge! Everyone wants to live in a castle because they’re so big and owning one means you’re rich so you’d be able to hire people to clean your castle, even if it it made of bismuth.

I think a castle made of bismuth is so much better than a castle made of gold because gold doesn’t look as cool and you might have some people (you know who you are!) who might try to chip off the walls and doors of your place in order to make jewelry stores. I don’t like those people and would like to crush them with iron. Either way, I hope you enjoy yourself here and have many wonderful adventures and scientific experiments.

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  1. Hey, good luck with your blog! I'll be checking it from time to time.