Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bedtime Story: The Naughty Little Hotdog

There once was a hotdog named Jim who was very naughty. He lived in a hotdog stand near Grand Central Terminal. He was very naughty because he would not be eaten. No matter how much his owner tried to sell him, Jim would always find a way to slip out of a customer's hands and run away.

One day Jim ran too far and brought with him a bun named Suzy who was attacked by pigeons. Jim could not save Suzy so she got eaten, but then Jim was attacked by mice who he was able to beat off with his strong meat. The mice said to Jim, "we are so hungry, please don't attack us, we just wanted to get some food". Jim felt sorry for the mice but then he had a great idea.

Jim led the mice to the hotdog cart he was sold from. Using his superior intellect, Jim was able to find a way for the mice to eat all the bread and hotdogs without the owner of the cart noticing, that is, until it was too late for the owner. The mice were overjoyed and well-fed and they crowned Jim "King Hotdog".

Moral: Even if you are at the very bottom, with enough ingenuity, you can be the leader.


  1. Inspirational shit right here, mang. Also, I laughed at "he was able to beat off".

  2. Hmm, my mind is blown. To think, a hotdog named Jim beating people with his meat and superior intellect.

  3. Haha this ended up being nothing like what I was expecting.

  4. mice infestation is no laughing matter.

  5. Poor little Suzy. I guess not even Jim's mighty meat could save her. Rest in peace, Suzy.

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