Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bedtime Story: The Naughty Little Hotdog

There once was a hotdog named Jim who was very naughty. He lived in a hotdog stand near Grand Central Terminal. He was very naughty because he would not be eaten. No matter how much his owner tried to sell him, Jim would always find a way to slip out of a customer's hands and run away.

One day Jim ran too far and brought with him a bun named Suzy who was attacked by pigeons. Jim could not save Suzy so she got eaten, but then Jim was attacked by mice who he was able to beat off with his strong meat. The mice said to Jim, "we are so hungry, please don't attack us, we just wanted to get some food". Jim felt sorry for the mice but then he had a great idea.

Jim led the mice to the hotdog cart he was sold from. Using his superior intellect, Jim was able to find a way for the mice to eat all the bread and hotdogs without the owner of the cart noticing, that is, until it was too late for the owner. The mice were overjoyed and well-fed and they crowned Jim "King Hotdog".

Moral: Even if you are at the very bottom, with enough ingenuity, you can be the leader.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Pictures of Bunnies

What is it with people and taking pictures of their bunnies in teacups? If these pictures aren't enough to make you go dawww, then you, sir/madame, are made of stone. Coming soon... cats!

Bedtime Story: The Prince and the Lazy Kingdom

There once was a prince who owned all the fast food restaurants in the land. Everyone was happy until one day the prince started to realize that all of his subjects were getting fat and lazy. He did not understand why so he asked one of his subjects, "why has everyone all of a sudden become fat and lazy?" the subject replied that it was because all the citizens were so used to eating fast food that they became fat and suddenly lost the will to work.

The prince was perplexed, he thought that providing tasty and quickly prepared meals would be a benefit to everyone, and by donating some of the money he made to a children's charity, he would ensure the future growth of his kingdom.

The prince called a meeting of the world's greatest scientists to figure out an answer to the problem and after fifty years they discovered a formula that allowed the food to be great tasting and give people renewed energy so that they could work harder. The net worth of the kingdom suddenly shot up to infinity billion dollars and everyone lived healthy and happily ever after.

Moral: Science will provide all of the answers; become a scientist, prince, or business owner.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pictures of Food

These are pictures of food I found that look quite delicious, I believe that they would make anyone want to eat.


This is my first post and I would like to welcome everyone.

The reason why I named this Bismuth Castle is because I want this to cover many colored topics, like bismuth and castles are huge! Everyone wants to live in a castle because they’re so big and owning one means you’re rich so you’d be able to hire people to clean your castle, even if it it made of bismuth.

I think a castle made of bismuth is so much better than a castle made of gold because gold doesn’t look as cool and you might have some people (you know who you are!) who might try to chip off the walls and doors of your place in order to make jewelry stores. I don’t like those people and would like to crush them with iron. Either way, I hope you enjoy yourself here and have many wonderful adventures and scientific experiments.